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We don’t post the vast majority of the feedback we receive from customers, but this, from Vince Warner of Missouri, tells you everything you need to know:

I received your Sticky as Hell wax the other week and after extensive testing have decided it is the best wax ever. I have been searching for almost 2 years and this is my eighth and final wax. Some waxes are good in some ways, but Sticky is the best in every regard. From big loose curls to tight ones. I have yet to experience fangs or droopy curls, even in the Missouri summer heat. It holds perfectly every time. And I use a fraction of wax compared to others, so economical to boot!! Thanks!

Feedback from a Real, Live Moustache!

I love the wax! I haven’t tried the “Sticky as Hell” yet, but the regular is superb. It’s a much softer hold than clubman; it still keeps my mustache out of my mouth, but without making it feel like it’s embalmed in plastic, and allows me to style it in a really nice, brushy “smile”. I look forward to using the sticky stuff for when I’m in the mood for spikes.

Well done,

Peter H., Washington, D.C.

For those who don’t make it to beard and moustache competitions, here’s a little peak at what goes on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RUU1hZcjlw.

This is the styled moustache category, that we sponsored, at the 2nd Annual Garden State Beard and Moustache Society’s competition last month. (And, there are even a few competitor shout-outs to our wax!)


- Count Justinian Moustache Wax

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So it turns out that Twitter has some magic double-secret probation Follow-to-Follower ratio formula that is not allowing us to Follow anyone new.  Apparently, the only way we can Follow more of our moustached bretheren (and sisters!) is if we get a whole bunch more Followers.  Strange, yeah.  But if you would be so kind as to Retweet this and ask your Followers to Follow us, we’d be forever grateful.  And, you’d be doing a service to the moustache community, of which we all are a part.

Thank you all for your help and support.

- Count Justinian Moustache Wax

Moustache Wax Tip #4

Struggling to gain the firm hold of a stiff wax but finding the sticky stuff pulls out precious hairs?

Try a softer wax as a base layer, and then layer the firm wax on top of it for the best of both worlds!

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A Note About Shipping Costs

The USPS increased their rates again this week, but the impact for us didn’t turn out to be too bad and we did not have to raise our prices.  At least not domestically….

We just saw what they did for overseas shipping though.  Ouch!

We’re going to look into alternatives and see if there’s anything we can do to minimize the impact of these rate raises, but unfortunately in the meantime we’re going to have to raise our overseas shipping charge a bit.

Apologies in advance to all our friends overseas, whose support we deeply appreciate.

- Count Justinian Moustache Wax

Moustache Wax Tip of the Week (#3)

Stiff wax can be tricky for those who have not used it before, so we thought a couple pointers might be useful.

First, just to get the wax out of the tin, push forward with the fingernail of your forefinger, as opposed to swiping with the pad of your finger.  You should be able to push forward a thin roll of wax.  (Don’t dig or gouge too much; the wax is probably too stiff for that.  Just push forward, and dig only slightly.)

From there, take the wax back over your forefinger with your thumb and you should be able to roll it around and soften it between your thumb and forefinger.  Then, share some with the other hand, and apply it evenly through your ’stache.

If you get to this point and still struggle to work the wax through your whole moustache, try combing it through evenly with a comb, and then redoing the curled tips by hand.


Here’s a post from about a year-and-a-half ago that we thought was worth mentioning again.


A Little Something About Beeswax

We learned a little something about beeswax this week that we thought we’d share.

By way of background, in order to ensure consistency from batch to batch of Count Justinian Moustache Wax, all of the beeswax used in our moustache wax has come from the same supplier. Our supplier assures us that all of our beeswax is 100% pure, and contains no additives of any kind. Interestingly though, the natural color of beeswax varies from season to season depending on the pollen the bees are working on. In the words of our supplier, it can range “from very light yellow to a[n] almost burnt orange”. So as we head in to fall, if you notice our wax getting a shade or two darker, you can rest assured that this is due to the changing of the season and that the beeswax we use is the same as always – 100% pure.

- Count Justinian Moustache Wax

Moustache Wax Tip of the Week (#2)

There’s no right way to use moustache wax.  Some people use just a dab; others use more.  Some people wax just the tips; others wax the whole moustache.  Some people comb it through thoroughly; others apply it with their fingers and leave it alone.

Everyone’s hair grows and reacts differently.  And different people like different styles.  Experiment a bit and decide what works best for you and your ‘stache!

287 feedbacks on ebay, 100% positive.  Just sayin’

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Safe ‘staching everyone!

Safe ‘staching everyone!

A little art with your moustache wax, courtesy of Count Justinian Moustache Wax!

A little art with your moustache wax, courtesy of Count Justinian Moustache Wax!

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Count Justinian Moustache Wax is excited to announce that it is an official sponsor of the Third Annual New York City Beard and Moustache Competition being put on by the Gotham City Beard Alliance on December 8th in Brooklyn, NY!